Oxford Canal Boat Holidays

Get ready to experience stunning natural landscapes and a remarkable display of historic architecture if you choose to take an Oxford Canal boat holiday. Once it was the principle route for midlands to London transport. Now it is now considered to be among the most beautiful cruising waterways.


The waterway’s south end starts in Oxford near the River Thames and runs north for nearly 80 miles, through mostly tranquil rolling countryside, all the way to the city of Coventry. It has convenient access to the midlands system of waterways at Napton and Braunston (Grand Union Canal) and Coventry (Coventry Canal)

Oxford Canal Map


The southern section of the waterway (between Napton and Oxford) has remained almost untouched since it was built in the 18th century. It follows the contours of the landscape which makes for a winding natural looking waterway – it is easy to mistake it for a river at parts as it meanders around hills and ridges.


At Tooley’s Boatyard in Banbury you can find the oldest functioning dry dock in the UK. It is still builds and repairs narrowboats just as it did over 200 years ago. It is now also a great place for finding waterway related souvenirs and be shown and taught skills such as hand painting Roses & Castles. A short walk from the boatyard you will find the centre of the historic market town Banbury with its famous Cross and bakeries.


Four miles along from Banbury is the tiny village of Cropredy. Between the two you are likely to see some remarkable wildlife including water voles, mallards and moor-hens. Cropredy itself hosts a folk music festival in August where you can see the annual reunion of the folk band Fairport Convention along with seventeen thousand others


An attractive village with its famous liver bridge. Here you will find the perfect place for afternoon lunch at the The Jolly Boatman pub with its great food and its extensive selection of real ales.